Terms of Service & Ordering Info

When ordering, please mention you saw us online!

or 715-743-2980



  1. All Orders, Changes and Cancellations must be made through the Neillsville control center. Please call us TOLL FREE at 1-888-803-8733.
  2. Orders must be for quantities as shown on our Price List.
  3. Orders for less than $100.00 must be paid in full to reserve stock.
  4. A 40% deposit is required on all orders over $100.00 to reserve stock.
  5. A 2% Early Pay Discount may be offered on your invoice should you choose to make payment in full by cash, check or money order by the date specified on the invoice.
  6. All checks or money orders should be made payable to Woodstock Nursery.
  7. We prefer payment for orders by personal check, bank check, money orders or cash. However, we do accept VISA, MASTER CARD. DISCOVER & AMERICAN EXPRESS if you prefer to use a credit card to make your purchase. The 2% Early Pay Discount does not apply on credit card purchases as the cost to process card transactions is over 3%.
  8. Balance owed for spring orders for shipment will be due by March 15, 2023.
  9. Balance owed for spring orders for pick up will be due by April 1,2023.
  10. SHIPPING CHARGES: A minimum $15.00 charge is made on orders for less than $75.00 shipping to Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, North & South Dakota and Wisconsin. A 20% Shipping Charge will apply to orders over $75.00 to those states. Orders to all other states will have a minimum shipping charge of $40.00 for orders less than $80.00. A 50% shipping charge will apply to orders over $80.00 They must be paid by credit card and if shipping charges exceed that amount, you will be billed accordingly. Sales tax applies on shipments made in Wisconsin.
  11. ALL Stock will be reserved and orders processed on a First Come-First Served Basis.
  12. Spring orders may be shipped directly to you or picked up at any of our 5 distribution outlets in Wisconsin. There is a 12% handling charge on orders delivered for pick up at our Distribution Centers. This charge will not be added to orders picked up in Neillsville.
  13. Customers picking up their orders will be notified by the distribution center they have selected when the order is ready. The time and directions to pick up will be given when you are called.
  14. Specific ship dates may be requested. However, due to stock availability or weather, your request date may be impossible to fulfill. Your order will be flagged, and we will do our best to meet your request. Partial shipments may be made if all stock is not available at the same time.
  15. If stock you have ordered is not available when we process your order, you will be contacted by phone or e-mail and offered a substitution, credit or full refund.
  16. No shipment will be made if payment in full has not been received.
  17. No C.O.D. orders will be accepted.
  18. No refunds will be given once stock has been dug or packed for delivery.
  19. A 20% re-stocking fee will be charged on any order reductions or cancellations granted after March 15, 2023.
  20. Stock must be picked up WITHIN 10 DAYS of notification that it is ready for pick up. NO warranty, replacement, refunds or credits will be given if stock is not picked up in a timely manner. Any stock not picked up WITHIN 3 WEEKS of notification will revert back to Woodstock Nursery for evaluation or re-distribution. 
  21. We Guarantee Stock to be healthy at time of packing or shipment. Unpack stock upon arrival and inspect its condition.  ANY CLAIMS RELATIVE TO CONDITION OF STOCK MUST BE MADE UPON RECEIVING YOUR ORDER, IT IS THEN YOUR RESPONCIBILITY TO CARE FOR THE STOCK.  You will receive care and planting instructions when your order is either picked up or shipped. If the stock doesn’t leaf out, please let us know. However, as we have no control over your handling of the stock, soil conditions, weather, or many other conditions, we do not guarantee all stock to grow.  Normal mortality under good growing conditions is 10%, even for healthy stock.  If your losses should be excessive, we are open to negotiations. We MAY issue a Credit or Replacement Order for excessive loss of stock.
  22. Please note there will be a Shipping Charge for All Replacement Orders or shipments made for product resulting from a credit.



1-888-803-8733 or 715-743-2980
Many items offered are limited in quantities, and stock for
all orders will be reserved, processed, and delivered on a
first come-first served basis.

Orders can also
be sent by the following:


or Snail Mail:
Woodstock Nursery, Garden, and Landscape Center
W6291 State Road 95
Neillsville,WI. 54456

For all orders received, an Acknowledgment / Invoice will be mailed.
All orders must be Paid In Full prior to shipment.