Currants and Gooseberry


All are 2 yr. Old, No. 1 transplants sized 18-24″ and are priced at $15.00 each

 Consort Currant Zone 3-7, A self fertile black current ripening late in the season.  Strong flavor, medium size and borne in clusters.  These plants are very productive , immune to white pine blister rust and powdery mildew.

Red Lake Currant Zone 3-7, This old time favorite makes perhaps the finest jams of all currants an gooseberries.  Slightly tart yet totally pleasing.  Extremely productive.

Pixwell Gooseberry (Ribes pixwell):  Zones 3-7 Growing 3-5 ft., it is very productive bearing fruit on 2-3 yr. old wood. Pale green fruit turns pink to purple when ripe, medium size, good flavor.