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Cherry Trees for sale

cherry trees

We are again offering a wide variety of cherry trees. We offer semi-dwarfs and standard trees wherever possible, though all varieties are not available in all sizes. All fruit trees will be available for delivery as bare root stock in spring 2020. All shippable fruit trees will average between 3-4′ tall, not including the root, unless otherwise specified.  Additionally, it should be noted that most Cherry Trees require 2 trees for proper pollination.

All cherry trees are caliber 9/16 – 11/16″

BING  SOLD OUT Zone 5-8.  A black cherry with sweet flavor of the highest quality, Bing ripens in mid-June. Excellent market variety.  Trees grow 15-25’ tall, are vigorous and good producers.
Available in: BIG- $40.00     XL-$45.00

EVANS BALI  SOLD OUT  Zone 3-8 Deep red fruit 1” in diameter is much sweeter than other sour cherries.  Ripens in August, is excellent for pies and fresh eating.
Available in: Big -$40    XL- $45.oo                

KRISTINSOLD OUT Zone 4-8 Kristin has been tested extensively in cold climates with very good success. Fruit is dark red, sweet, large and of high quality. Tree grows 12 to 15 feet tall.  Available in: Big Only $40.00

LAPIN SOLD OUT Zone 4-8. A dark red sweet cherry. These are some of the largest and juiciest cherries. The fruit is late July and is fantastic for fresh eating, baking or jams and jellies. Trees grow 15-20 feet tall and are self-fruiting. Available in: Big $40.00   XL $45.00

MesabiSOLD OUT Zone 4-8. Though considered a sour cherry, Mesabi has a sugar content halfway between Meteor and Bing. Typically only growing to 12 feet tall, it is self fertile and produces fruit for picking in early July. Available in Big only $40.00

METEOR – SOLD OUT Zone 3-8. Produces large, bright red fruit. Flavor is mildly acid. Excellent for pies and sauce.  Ripens early to mid-July.
Available as Semi Dwarf Only Big $40.00 XL $45.00

MONTMORENCY –SOLD OUTZone 4-8.  This is one of the best pie cherries grown for both home and commercial use.  Red fruit is large, tart, firm and juicy.  A vigorous grower and highly productive, trees will grow 15-20’ in height.  Fruit ripens in late June and is widely used for cherry preserves as well.
Available as Semi Dwarf Only Big $40.00 XL $45.00

NORTH STAR  SOLD OUT Zone 4-8. A dwarf cherry tree introduced by the U. of Minnesota in 1950. A very productive tree growing to only 8-10 Ft. Cherries are bright red and sour ripening in early July. Excellent for pies.
Available as Dwarf Only Big $40.00

RAINIER SOLD OUT Zone 5-9. Rainier bares abundant crops of sweet, richly flavored, firm and juicy cherries. Fruit is large and golden yellow with a red blush. Bing is a good pollinator. Available in: Big $40.00   XL $45.00

SWEET CHERRY PIE- SOLD OUT Zone 3-7. Introduced by an orchardist in Wisconsin. This new sour pie cherry has a sweet flavor. Fantastic for jams, jellies and pies. Grows to only 15 feet tall.  Available in: Big $40.00  XL $45.00

All stock will be Reserved and Shipped on a First Come – First Served basis.