Miscellaneous Items

Miscellaneous Items for sale

1. PLANTSKYDD REPELLENTS for Deer, Rabbits & Voles: Protect your valuable trees and shrubs from damage by Deer, Rabbits, Raccoons, Squirrels, Dogs and Cats. These products work extremely well for 3 months. Available in
Ready To Use, Powder or Concentrated Liquid forms.

READY TO USE Repellent in Trigger Spray Containers.

1 Qt Covers 100-200 Trees &
$21.95 ea
1.3 Gallon Covers 500-1000 Trees &
$59.95 ea

CONCENTRATED WATER SOLUBLE POWDER FORM (NOTE: , 1 cup makes 1 quart, 1 pound makes 1 gallon).

1 lb Covers 500-1000 Trees &
$27.95 ea
2.2 lbs $44.95 ea
22 lbs $349.95 ea

2. PLANTSKYDD GRANULAR SHAKER: A great dry form of Deer and Rodent protection for flower beds, gardens, hedges and yards. All PLANTSKYDD products are Organic and non-harmful.

Available: 1 Lb. @ $ 10.95, 3 Lb. @ $ 24.95, 7 Lb. @ $ 39.95, 20 Lb. @ $ 99.95

3. TREE WRAP: Protects trees against bark damage due to sun scald, bark bruising, weed eaters, lawn mowers, animals and insects. Wrap is a breathable polypropylene fabric. Fits any shape or textured tree. Easy to use.

Available In:    Rolls of 3″ x 50′    Price: $ 3.95 Per Roll

4. LIQUID FENCE Deer & Rabbit Repellent: In concentrate form, 1 quart makes 4 gallons of protective solution. An alternate to Deer Away, it is often a good idea to subject plant predators to something different for better results. This is an economical and effective alternative to protect your investment in trees and shrubs. LIQUID FENCE is long lasting, rain resistant, environmentally safe, biodegradable and will not harm plants or animals.

40 Oz. Concentrate Makes 4 Gallons Covers 8,000 Sq. Ft. Price: $ 48.99 Ea.
32 Oz. RTU Trigger Spray Covers 500 Sq. Ft. Price: $ 18.99 Ea.

5. SPIRAL TREE GUARD: Protects trees from girdling, abrasions and sun scald. Reduces damage from pests and elements. Tough white plastic with aeration holes, admitting air and light. Guards expand as tree grows.

2″ x 24″ Spiral Tree Guards Price: $ 1.25 Each
2″ x 36″ Spiral Tree Guards Price: $ 1.50 Each
2″ x 40″ Spiral Tree Guards Price: $ 1.75 Each

6. TREE STAKING KITS by MASTER MARK: Staking newly planted larger shade and ornamental trees or evergreens is essential for at least one growing season. This stabilizes the tree to allow newly growing roots underground from being torn away by the swaying caused from the wind. Staking larger trees will insure proper root anchoring and a healthier
tree. We offer 3 point staking kits in 2 sizes that include the anchors, polypropylene ropes and protective sleeves needed for the project. These are available as follows:

For Small Trees 5-10′ Tall — Price: $ 8.95 Per Kit
For Large Trees 10-20′ Tall – Price: $ 15.95 Per Kit

7. CORRUGATED TREE PROTECTORS: These are a must to protect your larger trees from buck rubs and rodent damage. Guards are made of low density Polyethylene, have UV stabilizers for long life and are recyclable. White color protects against sun scald.

2″ x 24″ @ $2.0 ea. 2″ x 36″ @ $2.50 ea 2″ x 48″ @ $ 3.00 ea
3″ x 24″ @ $2.50 ea 3″ x 36″ @ $3.25 ea 3″ x 48″ @ $ 4.00ea
4″ x 24″ @ $3.00 ea 4″ X 36″ @ $4.00 ea 4″ x 48″ @ $ 5.00 ea

8. BLUE-X TREE SHELTERS: Blue-X shelters enable plants to make full use of nature’s beneficial blue light to increase stem diameter and promote accelerated growth. Shelters consist of 2 parts which are shipped flat and can be quickly assembled and installed in the field. Light weight and convenient. Stakes not included. Price & Availability as Follows:

15″ tall
24″ tall
30″ tall
48″ tall
54″ tall
.95 ea
1.40 ea
1.65 ea
2.25 ea
2.45 ea

9. WATER GEL: This product is a powder that is mixed with water into which roots of bare root seedlings and transplants are dipped at planting time. Most important for spring planting, the material releases retained water to the root systems during dry periods. It is especially important in plantings where watering cannot be done when needed.

Amount Needed
Amount of Water to Mix
# of Seedlings Treated
Unit Price
1 oz
2 gal
4 oz
5 gal
8 oz
10 gal
1 lb
20 gal

9. BONIDE ROOT & GROW PLANT STARTER: This product is specially formulated to stimulate rapid root growth on newly planted trees, shrubs, perennials and bedding plants. Product can be mixed to dip bare root plants or it can be applied
at the base of newly planted or growing plants. This is an excellent product to use in conjunction with Water Gel mix for planting of bare root stock. A concentrated formula, 1 Quart makes 19 Gallons of solution, 1 Gallon makes 76 Gallons.

Available In: Quarts @ $10.95 Ea. Or Gallons @ $29.95 Ea.

10. AGRIFORM FERTILIZER GROW TABLETS : “Now A Larger Tablet”: Highly concentrated plant food tablets that will Feed plants for Two Full Growing Seasons. Safe for evergreens, shrubs, roses, fruit and shade trees. Tablets are 21 Grams each with a 20-10-5 formulation. Insert 1 tablet at the base of newly planted trees and watch them grow!

Price: 10 for $2.95, 50 for $14.00, 100 for $26.00, 500 for $125.00, 1000 for $240.00

11. NUTRI-PAK Fertilizer Packets: We carry several formulations of these products in both 2 Year and 5 Year SLOW
RELEASE Packets. Request a formula for your application! Specify whether you need the product for deciduous trees and shrubs, evergreens, roses, fruit & nut bearing plants or Palm Trees. Just request the right formula for your needs.

In Northern Areas, 1 yr. packet feeds for 2 years, 3 yr. packet feeds for 5 years

Price for 1 to 2 Year Packets:
25 Ea. @ $ 10.00, 50 Ea. @ $19.00 100 Ea. @ $36.00 500 Ea. @ $ 150.00, 1000 Ea. @ $ 250.00

Price for 3 to 5 Year Packets:
25 Ea. @ $ 27.00, 50 Ea. @ $50.00 100 Ea. @ $98.00 300 Ea. @ $ 270.00, 600 Ea. @ $ 498.00, 1000 Ea. @ $ 780.00

12. HIGH-YIELD SOIL SULPHUR: Soil Sulfur is ideal for lawns, ornamental and vegetables that thrive on acidic soils.
It is also recommended as a substitute for Aluminum Sulfate, which can cause toxicity to certain plants, especially blueberries with long-term use. It is slow acting but long lasting. Mixed with soil, acidity will be complete within 6-8 weeks after application.

Available In: 4 Lb. Bag Price: $ 10.95 Per Bag

13. HIGH-YIELD ALUMINUM SULPHATE: This is a soil acidifier. It is a MUST product for growing the best Blueberries, Azalea, Rhododendron, Hydrangea and other acid loving plants.

Available In: 4 Lb. Bag Price: $ 8.95 Per Bag

14. HIGH-YIELD BLOOD MEAL: With a 12-0-0 analysis, this product is used to enhance top growth and deep green foliage on pansies, roses, trees, shrubs and vegetables. It may also serve to repel rodents and rabbits

Available in: 2.75 Lb. BAG @ $10.95

15. HIGH-YIELD BONE MEAL: This 0-10-0 analysis product provides slow release natural phosphorus to enhance healthy root and bulb development. Excellent for vegetable gardens. Also proven to be a very effective repellent for Deer.

Available in: 4 Lb. Bag @ $ 7.95 or 20 Lb. @ $ 28.95

16. -Natural ‘HI-YIELD’ Dormant and Growing Season “PESTICIDE SPRAY OIL”: Kills all stages of insects, including eggs, larva and adult. For use indoor or outdoor, to control insect infestations for growing or dormant trees, shrubs, vegetable or fruit and nut plants. Controls, aphids, mites, mealy bug, scale, whiteflies and more.

Available in: Quarts @ $12.95 Each, Gallons @ $35.95 Each

17. BONIDE FRUIT and ALL PURPOSE SPRAY: We have found this to be one of the best All Around sprays available. Provides ideal protection against insects, disease, and fungus on practically any type of plant. An EXCEPTIONAL PRODUCT for Fruit Trees of all kinds, Evergreens, Flowering Shrubs, Roses and much more. Mix requires only 1-1/2 Tbsp. per gallon of water.

Available in: PINTS @ $ 19.95 Ea. QUARTS @ $ 29.95

18. BONIDE TREE & SHRUB INSECT CONTROL: One application kills insects and prevents new infestations for a full year. No spraying, just mix and pour at the base of the plant. This systemic insecticide is absorbed through the roots to all parts of the plant. Kills borers (including Emerald Ash and Birch Borers) miners, whitefly, scale, beetles, weevils and more. The active ingredient is Imidaclopride.

Available in: Quart Concentrate @ $24.95 Gallon Concentrate @ $ 69.95

19. BONIDE SYSTEMIC GRANULAR INSECTICIDE: Simply sprinkle on surface and water in. Kills aphids, whiteflies, miners, scale, bores and more. Lasts 6-8 weeks indoor or out.

Available in 1 lb Shaker @ $10.95 OR 4 lb Shaker @ $24.95

20. TREE PLANTING SPUDS: This tool makes the planting of evergreen and other seedlings a simple task. Easy to use and constructed to last a lifetime. Tree spuds ARE NOT recommended for the planting of larger Transplants.

Two Sizes Available:

3″ x 10″ Blade Price: $ 38.00
4″ x 10″ Blade Price: $ 42.00