Rhubarb plants for sale

rhubarb pie

Rhubarb is grown primarily for its fleshy leaf stalks, known as petioles, which are crisp like celery and have a strong, tart taste. It is typically stewed with sugar or used in pies and desserts, but it can also be put into savory dishes or pickled. Rhubarb can be dehydrated and infused with fruit juice, such as strawberry, to mimic strawberry rhubarb pie.

All rhubarb plants sold are #1 divisions with 3 varieties to choose from.

Price: 1-2 $ 9.50 Ea., 3 for $ 27.00, 6 for $ 51.00, 12 for $ 96.00

Canada Red Zone 3-8. A fine Canadian variety has natural sweetness that allows you to use less sugar to make pies, sauces, and other baked goods. The earliest produce in the Spring, this variety produces long, juicy stalks that are cherry red clear through. Cooks up strawberry red color. This is a must for every garden.

Victoria Zone 3-8. This is a very productive strain for home gardeners and commercial growers, producing large tender stalks of excellent quality. Not as red as Canada Red, but more vigorous and productive. Shows strong resistance to root rot and is a better choice for growing in heavier soils.

All stock will be Reserved and Shipped on a First Come – First Served basis.