Wildlife Hedge Collection

Wildlife Hedge Collection

A wildlife hedge can provide one of the most interesting and exciting attractions in any landscape. With a unique variety of plants first comes an array of colorful flowers in spring. Next is the development of dense foliage, fruit, berries, seed pods and nuts that draw an abundance of birds and little critters all scurrying for a meal. While a wildlife hedge serves as a great privacy barrier, it also serves as a nesting place for a wide variety of birds. The show is completed with a splendid display of fall color.

This collection consists of a total of 12 plants, consisting of 2 of each of the following:
Arrowwood Viburnum, American Sand Cherry, Red Osier Dogwood, American Elderberry, American Hazelnut and Common Ninebark.

All shrubs will be hardy transplants and a minimum of 18-24” tall.

Wildlife Hedge Collections are priced as follows:

1 to 4 Ea. @ $ 75.00 Each

5 to 9 Ea. @ $ 70.00 Each

10 or More @ $ 65.00 Each