Red White & Blue Lilac Collection

This lovely collection was assembled to honor our founder, Tom Wallace, who we lost in December, 2020. Tom was born on the Fourth of July and was very patriotic, so we found it fitting to put together this collection in his memory.

In this collection you will receive (1) one of each variety of lilac listed below. They will be approximately 18” and delivered bare root. Collection Price: $50.00 (individually priced @ $18.00 Each).

CHARLES JOLY LILAC- Zone 3-8 This medium size, upright, deep wine red, with double flower clusters
that are highly fragrant. Growing to height of 8-10’ with a spread of 10-12’

MISS ELLEN WILLMOTT LILAC- Zone 2-8 An old time favorite, with fragrant double white flowers.
Growing to height of 8-10’ with a spread of 8-10’.

PRESIDENT LINCOLN LILAC- Zone 3-8 One of the bluest lilacs, a truly wonderfully fragrant lilac, loved
for its large tussles of single wedge wood blue flowers. Growing height of 8-10’ with a spread of 6’.