Plum Trees

* SOLD OUT FOR SPRING 2021*Plum Trees for sale

plum trees

We are again offering a wide variety of plum trees. All plum trees will be available for delivery as bare root stock in spring 2019. All shippable fruit trees will average between 3-4′ tall, not including the root, unless otherwise specified.  It should also be noted that all plum trees require two trees for proper pollination.

All Plums are Priced as follows:

 Big 4-5′ $40.00 Ea
XL 6-7′ $45.00 Ea

*** Also note that we CANNOT ship XL and XXL trees to all states without incurring additional charges, some of which may be considerable.  Regular, Big and some Xl can be shipped to Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, North and South Dakota and Wisconsin ONLY at no extra charge ***

ALDERMAN – Zone 4-8. Fruit ripening in late August is burgundy red and of large size.  Excellent for fresh eating or preserves, fruit is soft and juicy.  Generally bears fruit the second year after planting.  This great selection pollinates well with Superior or Toka.  Grows 10-15’ Tall. Available : BIG or XL ONLY                          

BLACKICE –  Zone 4-8.  Though Zone 4-8, Black Ice is Successfully Producing Fruit in Zone 3b.  A naturally compact Dwarf tree, it grows only 8-12’ tall.  Nearly black fruit is large and of dessert quality for fresh eating, preserves and jelly, ripening in late August. Available :  BIG & XL

MOUNT ROYAL Zone 4-8. This European blue plum is good eaten right off the tree or excellent for dessert. Tender and juicy, it is considered the best blue cultivar in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Ripens mid to late August and is Self-Fertile. Trees grow to a height of 8-12’ Tall. Available :  BIG & XL

PEMBINA Zone 3-8. This plum is an old timer that originated in Brookings, SD way back in 1923.  Plums are large and red maturing in late August.  Flesh is yellow and fruit is sweet, juicy and good for jams, jelly or fresh eating.  Requires a pollinator and grows only 10-15’ tall. Available :  BIG & XL                             

PIPESTONE Zone 4-8. Immense in size, with red blush is very sweet and juicy. Excellent quality fresh from the tree or in jams and jelly. Very hardy, ripening in mid-season. Available : BIG & XL

STANLEY – Zone 5-8. The most popular of blue plums, fruit is medium-large with greenish yellow flesh. Produces large crop annually, ripening early September.  Good as fresh fruit, desserts, canning jams or jellies.             Available : BIG & XL     

SUPERIOR Zone 4-8. Considered one of the best plums on the market. Produces large fruit with dark red skin. Has yellow flesh, is sweet and juicy ripening in late August.  Excellent for jam and jelly.  Heavy bearer growing to only 15’ tall. Available : BIG ONLY

TOKA – Zone 3-7. Red and of medium size, this is one of the Best Pollinators for other plums. Richly flavored with apricot colored flesh. Ripens mid-August. Available :  BIG & XL           

WANETA Zone 3-7 this early bearing plum produces heavy crops of large, yellow blushed  fruit. Good for fresh eating or canning. Ripens late August to early September.  Best if pollinated with Toka plum.                           Available :  BIG & XL  

 Inquire about special pricing for volume purchases and availability.

All stock will be Reserved and Shipped on a First Come – First Served basis.