Crabapple Trees

Flowering Crabapple Trees

crabapple trees

We offer the widest and best selection of crabapple trees to be found anywhere!

All trees listed below with descriptions are available for shipment and generally are 4-5′ in size and very well branched!  Please note all crabapple and fruit trees are offered as bare root stock!

Crabapple Trees

7/16″-9/16″- $45.00 9/16″-11/16″- $50.00 or 7/8″-1″ – $60.00

Brandywine: (Malus ‘Brandywine’) Zone 4-8. One of the most beautiful crabapples, growing 20′ with fragrant double pink flowers giving an appearance of being draped in rosebuds.  A very symmetrical oval tree with dark green foliage with a red tinge turning purple.  Produces 1″ yellow fruit. Available in: All sizes listed

Chestnut: (Malus ‘chestnut’) Zone 4-8. A vigorous, hardy crabapple that makes pleasant “chestnut” flavored jam. Yellow fruit has outstanding flavor and good texture for fresh eating. Medium storage life. Often used as a pollinator and is disease resistant. Widely used in deer plots growing to 20’ tall. White flowers. Available in: 9/16″ & 11/16″

Dolgo: (Malus ‘Dolgo) Zone 2-7. This tree is prized for its cold hardiness and disease resistance. The Dolgo crab is an early but extended bloomer. These apples taste like a sugar-coated cranberry. The apples are known for making jelly and spicy apple butter. Dolgo crabapples are an excellent pollinator. Grows to 30’ tall with a spread of 25’ wide. The buds are pink and open to white. Available in: 9/16″ Only

Prairie Fire: (Malus ‘Prairie fire’) Zone 4-7. A beautiful 15-20′ crab which blooms later than most crabapple with a true red flower followed by fruit that does not drop. Very disease resistant, voted Iowa’s Tree of the Year in 1996. Available in: 9/16″ Only

Profusion: (Malus ‘Profusion’) Zone 4-7. This small crab is noted for its abundance of deep red buds that open to purple-red flowers fading to lavender. Foliage immerges purple, then fades bronze-green. Oxblood 1/2” fruit is persistent. Excellent disease resistance. Available in: 9/16″ Only

Royalty: (Malus ‘JFS-KW5’) Zone 3-7. An extremely popular and hardy tree with outstanding purplish foliage with a green undercast.  Dark red flowers produce 3/4″ dark red persistent fruit. Trees grow 20′ tall and wide and are very disease resistant. Available in: 9/16″ Only

Snowdrift: (Malus ‘Snowdrift’) Zone 3-7. An outstanding white flowering crabapple.  Heavy textured, glossy green foliage.  Hardy with little disease and low maintenance.  Excellent for street planting due to their pink bud turning to white blooms.  Grows 15-20′ tall with a 20-25′ spread. Available in: 9/16″ Only

Whitney: (Malus ‘Whitney’) Zone 3-7. An old time favorite. producing 1″ fruit for eating and pickling.  Excellent when used for apple butter or spiced apples.  Hardy, vigorous, heavy bearing trees growing to 25′ tall.  White flowers in the Spring with the fruit having a short storage life. Available in: All sizes listed