Evergreen Tree Seedlings & Transplants

Evergreen Tree Seedlings & Transplants

Below you will find our current selection of evergreen tree seedlings and transplants for sale.  Seedlings are identified under the age column with a zero after the dash, like 3-0, while transplants have another number after the dash, like 2-2

What’s the difference you ask between evergreen tree seedlings and evergreen tree transplants?

Evergreen tree seedlings are young trees that have been grown from seed and allowed to grow to whatever size they achieve in that time frame. Evergreen tree transplants are seedlings that were replanted after initial removal, which results in a heartier tree with more root mass.

NOTE: Sizes and Prices are subject to change based on stock availability. Notification will be given if a change is required. Additionally, (***) Indicates items are in LIMITED SUPPLY!

American Arborvitae
(Thuga occidentalis)
2-07-12″  SOLDOUT FOR THE  2023 SEASON  
 2-312-18″ 60.0075.00100.00175.00300.001000.001800.00
Eastern Red Cedar
(Juniperous virginiana)
 2-215-18″ 60.0075.00100.00175.00300.00******
 Balsam Fir
(Abies balsamea)
2-05-12″ 30.0055.00100.00450.00850.00
 2-312-18″ 60.0075.00100.00175.00300.001000.001800.00
Concolor Fir
(Abies concolor)
2-05-12″ 35.0060.00100.00450.00***
Douglas Fir
(Pseudootsuga menziesi)
3-09-15″ 35.0060.00100.00450.00***
Fraser Fir
(Abies fraseri)
3-04-8″ 35.0060.00100.00450.00***
American Tamarack
(Laxis laricina)
3-011-16″ 50.0060.0080.00140.00240.00800.001450.00
American Red Pine
(Pinus resinosa)
2-06-14″ 35.0060.00100.00450.00850.00
Jack Pine (Pinus banksiana)3-06-12″ 35.0060.00100.00450.00850.00
French Blue Scotch Pine
(Pinus sylvesteris)
2-06-12″ 35.0060.00100.00450.00850.00
Eastern White Pine
(Pinus strobus)
2-06-14″ 35.0060.00100.00450.00850.00
 4-14-18″ 60.0075.00100.00175.00300.001000.001800.00
Black Spruce
(Picea mariana)
2-06-12″ 35.0060.00100.00450.00***
Black Hill Spruce
(Picea glauca densata)
2-05-12″ 35.0060.00100.00450.00850.00
Colorado Blue Spruce
Kaibob” (Picea pungens)
3-09-15″ 35.0060.00100.00450.00850.00
 2-212-16″ 60.0075.00100.00175.00300.001000.001800.00
Norway Spruce
(Picea abies)
3-09-15″ 35.0060.00100.00450.00850.00
 2-316-22″ 60.0075.00100.00175.00300.001000.001800.00
White Spruce
(Picea glauca)
2-09-15″ 35.0060.00100.00450.00850.00
 2-322-30″ 60.0075.00100.00175.00300.001000.001800.00