Grape Plants

Grape Plants for sale

grape plants

All Grape Plants are 2 year old, #1 plants and are priced at $15.00 each..

All plants offered here are of exceptional quality and often produce in the 1st year.
** Soaking your grapes for 2-4 hours before planting allows the roots to re-hydrate and
absorb water. **

Bluebell Zone 4-8. Resembles Concord in size and color but has more tender skin and greater hardiness. Very good table quality, excellent sub for Concord in the North.

Concord- Zone 4-8. Blue black, excellent table, wine and juice grape. Often used for jelly and pies.

Edelweiss- Zone 4-8. Greenish-white, with high sugar content. Dessert and wine grape.  Good flavor and quality.

“NEW” Elvira- Zone 3-8. This white grape is the best grape for wine making. Producing medium size berries.

“NEW” Kay Gray-Zone 4-8. This is a fine hardy white grape suited for table use and wine making. They are extremely sweet, grapes are medium to large, vines are very productive.

Marquette- Zone 4-8. This is an exceptional red grape that combines cold hardiness and disease resistance for the production of excellent grape. Tasters note an attractive deep red color with a desirable aroma of cherry and spice. Great for northern growers.

Swenson Red- Zone 4-8. Red, with high sugar content. A large round grape with crisp yet tender texture.  Excellent for fresh eating and wine.  Hardy to 30 degrees below zero.

Valiant BlueZone 3-6. Blue grape exceeds Beta in flavor, quality, and hardiness.  Matures earlier, very productive and bears annually.  Round fruit up to 1/2″ in diameter.