Grape Plants

Grape Plants for sale

grape plants

All Grape Plants are 2 year old, #1 plants and are priced at $ 12.00
except for the following, which are $14.00 each:
Frontenac, Frontenac Gris, Himrod, Marquette & Somerset

All plants offered here are of exceptional quality and often produce in the 1st year.

Beta Zone 3-7, Another hearty grape for Northern climates, this Blue-black grape is excellent for juice or jelly. Vigorous

Bluebell  Zone 4-8.  Resembles Concord in size and color but has more tender skin and greater hardiness. Very good table quality, excellent sub for Concord in the North.

Concord – Zone 4-8, Blue-black, excellent for eating. Medium to large clusters. Berry size is medium to large. This has always been a favorite of wine makers.

Catawba – Zone 4b-8. A spicy flavored, red grape that is medium in size, very good table grape and excellent for jams and jellies. Also a great selection for red wines.

Edelweiss – Zone 4-8, Greenish-white with high sugar content. Dessert and wine grape. Good flavor and quality.

Fredonia – Zone 4-8. Another purple grape selection that is medium in size and sweet. Similar to Concord.

Frontenac Zone 4-8. A red wine grape developed by the U. of Minn., is very hardy to -30F. Produces excellent quality grapes, is a vigorous grower with good disease resistance to downy and powdery mildew.

Frontenac Gris Zone 4-8. A white form of ‘Frontenac’, coppery colored grapes have an aroma of peach and apricot. This Muscat-like grape is desirable for white wine making, fresh eating and desserts. Excellent disease resistance. A university of MN introduction.

Himrod seedless  Zone 5-8. This is a high quality white grape that ripens to yellow-gold in color. Ripening a month earlier than ‘Concord’, it is excellent for fresh eating, deserts and wine making. One of the hardiest of white grapes.

Marquette Zone 4-8. This is an exceptional red grape that combines cold hardiness and disease resistance for the production of excellent grape. Tasters note an attractive deep red color with a desirable aroma of cherry and spice. Great for northern growers.

Reliance Seedless  Zone 5-8. A red, seedless table grape of high quality. Fruit is exceptionally suited for fresh eating and juice. Vines require annual pruning, adequate fertility and maximum sunlight.

Steuben – Vines are vigorous, and easy to grow. Bluish-black fruit is sweet and tender with a spicy tang. Very good table grape and makes excellent red wine.

Somerset Seedless –  Zone 4-8. A beautiful red seedless grape developed in Wisconsin. Berries have a great strawberry like flavor and are edible at the pink stage in late August, but acquires a much sweeter taste when fully ripe. Fruit is small to medium in size, growing in compact clusters.  Quite disease resistant.

Swenson Red  Zone 4-8, Red, with high sugar content. A large round grape with crisp yet tender texture. Hardy to 30 degrees below zero.

Valiant Blue – Zone 3-6, Blue grape exceeds Beta in flavor, quality and hardiness. Matures earlier, is vine
productive and bears annually. Round fruit up to 1/2″ in diameter.