Apricot Trees

Apricot Trees for sale

apricot trees

All fruit trees will be available for delivery or pick up as bare root stock in spring 2024.

Apricots are typically self pollinating, however yields better with a pollinator. Fortunately, all apricot tree varieties cross-pollinate with one another.

All Apricot Trees are Standard, 9/16″ caliper and priced at $45.00 each 

“NEW” MOORPARK- Zone 4-8. This sweet juicy hairless tasting apricot typically produces multiple fruit harvests throughout mid to late summer (which means you won’t get all the fruit for the year at once but in stages) and are full of antioxidants. Most of the time, you can expect to have a fruit harvest within the first year.

“NEW” WESTLEYZone 4-9. Fruit is medium to large in size and freestone; very high-quality apricot with good color; orange flesh that’s medium-firm and meaty; sweet and flavorful.


All stock will be Reserved and Shipped on a First Come – First Served basis.