Apricot Trees

Apricot Trees for sale

apricot trees

We are again offering a few varieties of apricot trees for sale.
All fruit trees will be available for delivery or pick up as bare root stock in spring 2023.

Apricots are typically self pollinating, however yields better with a pollinator. Fortunately, all apricot tree varieties cross-pollinate with one another.

All Apricot Trees are Standard, 9/16″ caliper and priced at $45.00 each 

BROOKCOT– Zone 3-8 A Semi-free stone fruit ripens early August, is bright yellowish orange with red blush. Fruit is sweet and juicy.  Great for fresh eating and canning.  ONLY AVAILABLE : 6′ WHIPS

DEBBIE’S GOLDZone 3-8 Yellowish orange fruit with firm texture. Great for canning and fresh eating. Self-fruitful, but yields better with a pollinator.

WESTCOT Zone 4-8. Trees produce 2” Yellow freestone fruit that is juicy and excellent for fresh eating or canning.


All stock will be Reserved and Shipped on a First Come – First Served basis.