Apple Trees

Apple Trees for sale

apple trees for sale

We are again offering a wide variety of apple trees for sale. All apple trees will be available for delivery as bare root stock in spring 2017. All shippable fruit trees will average between 3-4’ tall, not including the root, unless otherwise specified.

Please Note: Apple, Cherry, Plum, Pear and Apricot trees often require 2 trees for proper pollination. Trees that are self-fertile will be noted but, are generally more productive with another pollinator.

Now for a little information on zoning & rootstock:

It is important to note that many growers differ in the zoning of various fruit trees.  Zones listed by us are based on our experience with trees in our orchard as well as the declared zoning by others. Our nursery is in a micro climate ZONE 3 giving us a good opportunity to evaluate hardiness. Rootstock also plays a role in hardiness and we prefer staying with the recommendations of Northern growers and the University of Minnesota, who is responsible for the development of so many wonderful fruit varieties. If our zoning differs from other suppliers it’s because we believe it will work in the stated area. And we guarantee the success of plants in the zones for which we have stated they will grow.

There are many different rootstocks used for the grafting of apple trees trees. The primary purpose of rootstocks is to control the size of the tree and to stimulate fruiting more rapidly. The subject of rootstocks for various fruit trees is generally too technical and truthfully not significant for the general consumer. To simplify the issue, Dwarf trees grow to a height of 8-12’, Semi-Dwarf, 12-18’ and Standards 18-30”. Additionally, the fruiting period for Dwarf trees is 1-3 yrs., Semi-Dwarf 3-5 yrs., Grafted Standards 5-7 yrs. and Standard trees grown from seed may take 10 to 20 years to produce.

Again, for your information: A true Standard Apple tree is one grown from seed and may take from 10 to 20 years before it produces an apple. Ask us why trees put on special rootstocks are superior!


It should be noted that the pricing below are for apple trees on Semi Dwarf rootstock only!
Dwarf and Standard trees are available on several varieties but supplies are extremely limited.  Should you desire these please call for availability.

*** Also note that we CANNOT ship BIG, XL and XXL trees to all states without incurring additional charges, some of which may be considerable.  Regular, Big and some Xl can be shipped to Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, North and South Dakota and Wisconsin ONLY at no extra charge ***

Regular 3-4′
Big 4-5′
XL 5-6′
XXL 6-7′
1 to 5 each
$30.00 ea
$35.00 ea
$40.00 ea
$45.00 ea
6 to 10 each
$29.00 ea
$34.00 ea
$39.00 ea
$44.00 ea
11 or more
$28.00 ea
$33.00 ea
$38.00 ea
$43.00 ea

All apple trees will be available for delivery as bare rootstock.

Arkansas Black Zone 4-9. This crisp flavorful apple is perfect for fresh eating, baking and cooking. Flavor peaks after 30 days in refrigeration and keeps up to eight months. Cold hardy. Ripens in October.
Available in: Regular, XL & XXL

BRAEBURN– Zone 5-8. Medium to large firm fruit, orange-red blush over yellow-green. Excellent cooking apple and delightful to eat with tangy, crisp very juicy and sweet flavor. Ripens in mid-October and well into November.
Available in: NOT AVAILABLE

CANDY CRISP Zone 4-7. This annual bearer has large fruit with a sweet and juicy flavor. The skin is
golden with a pink blush. has excellent disease resistance. Believed to be a descendant of Red Delicious. Ripens early October with good storage up to 4 months.
Available in: Regular & XL

CONNELL RED – Zone 4-7 – A U. of MN introduction in 1943 Connell Red is a red blushed mutation of Fireside. With a distinctive flavor, this large apple is excellent for eating and cooking. Fruit ripens mid-October, keeps into April or May, trees are hardy and heavy bearers. A great ‘Favorite’ when added to any orchard.
Available in: Regular, Big & XL

CORTLAND  – Zone 4-8. Large red apples are extra juicy, with tangy sweet-tart flavor. Excellent in fruit salads as flesh stays white after cutting. Good eating, canning and pie apple. Heavy bearing, ripens in mid to late September.
Available in: Regular, Big, XL & XXL

NEWTOWN PIPPEN NEW ITEM – Zone 4-8. The Newtown Pippen originated in 1700 near the village of Newtown on Long Island NY. The crisp, juicy, firm flesh and very distinctive taste, along with its excellent keeping qualities, makes it the
most prized of American dessert apples. Also makes great cider. Ripens early October.
Available in: Semi Dwarf

DUCHESS OF OLDENBURG – Zone 3-6. This red selection is very cold hardy and produces an abundant annual crop of medium to large apples in late August. Fruit is tart and juicy, good for eating but best for pies and sauce. Short storage life. It is truly an old time favorite.
Available on STANDARD root stock only Big, XL & XXL

EMPIRE Zone 4-7. Excellent flavor, aromatic, great for pies and fresh eating.  Fruit is medium in size, ripens in mid September and stores for 5-9 months.  Resistant to mildew and fire blight.
Available in: Regular

ENTERPRISE – Zone 4-7. Fruit is medium to large, deep red, ripens mid-October and stores well. Excellent for pies and eating. Trees are spreading, good annual bearers, immune to scab, highly resistant to fire blight, cedar rust and moderately resistant to powdery mildew.
Available in: Regular

FIRESIDE  Zone 3-7. Large red striped fruit with yellowish flesh sweet, pleasant flavor. Ripens mid to late October,
has good storage life, is resistant to cedar-apple rust. Excellent for eating or desserts.
Available in: Regular, Big, XL & XXL

FREEDOM  Zone 4-7. A mid to late season large red apple good for eating, sauces and juice. Flesh is crisp, juicy and
slightly tart. Very rigorous and productive fruit stores well into January. Excellent disease resistance, immune to apple scab.
Available in: Regular & XL

FROSTBITE  –  Zone 3-7. A Minnesota bred apple (MN 447) way back in 1936, is now being re-introduced ‘FROSTBITE’. This is a unique small apple with a very sweet intense flavor, is crisp, firm textured and very juicy. Ripening in late September, it is great for cider or cooking. It is a parent to “Keepsake and Sweet 16. Extremely Cold Hardy.
Available in: Big, XL & XXL

AZTEC FIJI  Zone 4-8. This delightfully crisp Fuji apple is now the 3rd most popular apple in the United States!  Whoever likes to eat a sweet, crunchy, juicy apple nearly year round than this is the apple for you!
Available in: Regular

GOLDEN DELICIOUS – Zone 4-8. Spur type is early bearing and productive. Rose blushed to yellow skin. Flesh is white, crisp and tangy. Stores well, ripens mid to late September. Best yields if pollinated with Red Delicious.
Available in: Regular, Big, XL & XXL

GRANNY SMITH –  Zone 5-8.  This apple tree needs no introduction and probably no description.  This is one of the few green apples we have available.  The texture is firm, crisp, very juicy and a must have for any orchard!
Available in: Regular

GRAVENSTEIN –  Zone 3-9. A European variety originating in the 1800’s, apples have a sweet-tart flavor and are crisp with a juicy texture. One of the earliest ripening apples, late July into August, it is especially good for cooking, sauce and cider. Apples are green irregularly shaped with broad red stripes. Has short storage life.
Available in: Regular, Big, XL & XXL

HARALSON   Zone 3-8.  Crisp, juicy and firm apple, having a mildly tart flavor and not very acidic.  They are good for eating, cooking, and an excellent choice for pies.
Available in: Big, XL & XXL

HONEYCRISP– Zones 3-8. Introduced by the University of Minnesota in 1991, this is an excellent all around winner for flavor, crispness, and storage life—up to 7 months. Excellent for commercial or home orchards, ripening in late September. Considered one of the best among all apples.
Available in: Regular, Big, XL & XXL

HONEYGOLD   Zone 3-8. Superior variety crossed between Golden Delicious and Haralson for color and flavor. Medium to large apple with excellent storage qualities. Cold Hardy. Ripens late September.
Available in: Regular, Big, XL & XXL

IDA RED– Zone 4-7. A large red apple, ‘Ida Red’ is mildly tart and firm in texture. This is a favorite of many for fresh eating and is especially good as a pie apple, baking and salads. Ripens mid-October, stores to April.
Available in: Regular

JONATHAN – Zone 5-8. Fruit medium to large. Firm apple with top flavor, excellent for eating and cooking. Ripens late fall.
Available in: Regular

KINDERCRISP   Zone 4-7. This crisp, sweet & juicy apple is medium size, great for snacking or for kid’s lunches. Ripens in late August. Best eaten fresh. Hangs on tree for an extended period.
Available in: Regular, Big, XL & XXL

LIBERTY   Zone 3-8. Produces medium sized quality fruit in abundance annually. Highly resistant to all major apple  diseases. Good for fresh eating and cooking. Flavor intensifies with storage lasting well into February.
Available in: Regular, Big, XL & XXL

LODI   Zone 3-8. large fruit ready to harvest mid-August to early September. Sweet-tart flavor. Excellent commercial choice for applesauce, baby food or simply eating.
Available in: Regular, Big, & XXL

MACOUN  – Zones 4-8. This is a very high quality late fall apple; firm, aromatic, color is dark purplish red over green
background. Flesh is white. Compares to McIntosh as a dessert apple. Ripens late September.

Available in: Regular & Big

MCINTOSH  Zone 4-8. One of the most favored apples grown or eaten anywhere. Soft, sweet and juicy, ripening early to mid-September. Generally a heavy bearer.
Available in: Regular, Big, XL & XXL

NEWTOWN PIPPEN Zones 4-8.  The Newtown Pippen originated in 1700 near the village of Newtown on Long Island.  The crisp, juicy, firm flesh, distinct taste along with its excellent storage qualities make it the most prized of American dessert apples.  Also makes excellent cider!  Ripens in early October.
Available in: Regular

NORLAND Zones 2-7.  One of the earliest apples to ripen, Norland is especially suited for cold regions.  This is a natural semi dwarf tree that fruits at an early age and is very productive.  Attractive small to medium fruit is exceptional for eating, cooking or making sauces and butter.  Must pick before full maturity for better storage.  Another great early apple for deer plots as well.
Available in: Standard Root Stock Only

NORTHERN SPY – Zones 3-7. High quality late fall apple. Firm, aromatic, color is dark purplish red over green background. Flesh is white. Compares to McIntosh as a dessert apple. Ripens late September.
Available in: Regular

PINK LADY– Zone 5-8.  A medium size fruit with rich yellow skin blushed with pink. Flavor is sweet-tart. Ripens late October.
Available in: Regular

RED BARON – Zone 3-6. Another U. on Minnesota developed in 1970. A cross of Golden Delicious & Daniels Red, apples produced are medium to large in size, crisp, sweet, juicy and mild. Very productive and bears at an early age. Great for eating,
pies and sauce, ripening in late September. Resistant to fireblight.
Available in: Big, XL & XXL

RED REGENT– Zone 4-7.  This apple is very popular in Wisconsin and Minnesota.  It produces medium to large red apples with white flesh this is juicy and crisp.  It’s well balanced flavor makes it excellent for fresh eating and cooking.
Available in: Regular, AL & XXL

ROYAL GALA – Zone 5-8.  Yes it would seem even apples have royalty!  Presenting the Royal Gala, a crisp, firm, sweet bright red apple.  Small to medium in size, it ripens in mid August.
Available in: Regular & Big

RED DELICIOUS – Zone 4-8. Spur type. Most popular of all apples. Medium to large fruit, firm flesh, sweet and juicy. Ripens mid to late September and has long storage life.
Available in: SOLD OUT

RED PRAIRIE SPY– Zone 4-7. A red selection of Prairie Spy that has better adherence on the tree at maturity. Best for baking and has long term storage. Ripens Late September early October.
Available in: SOLD OUT

SNOWSWEET– Zone 3-7. Advertised by us as “The Newest Apple on the Planet” this apple was introduced by the U. on Minn. in 2007. It is truly one of the finest apple introduction in years. Fruit quality and flavor are incredible and the most unique aspect is that apples sliced for dessert are very slow to discolor. This has become our #1 best seller and is a great selection.
Available In: Semi-Dwarf, XL & XXL

STATE FAIR – Zone 3-8. Bright red summer all purpose apple. Semi-sweet to acid flavor, juicy with yellow flesh. Medium
size, good producer. Fruit ripens late September to early October. Cold hardy.
Available in: Regular, Big, & XL

SWEET SIXTEEN – Zone 3-8. A very cold hardy variety developed by the University of Minnesota. Dark red apples are crisp and very sweet,. Withstands sub-zero conditions and bears heavily. Excellent for eating, pies and stores great. Ripens in late September.
Available In: SOLD OUT

WEALTHY   Zone 4-8. This old time favorite is excellent for fresh eating, pies and sauce. A red striped apple with mellow
flavor, often bears the first year. Very hardy.
Available in: Regular, Big & XL

WINESAP– Zone 4-8. Originating in the mid 1800’s, Winesap is a medium-sized,red apple great for fresh eating, dessert, juice and cider. Apples have a tangy flavor and ripen in early to mid-October. Trees are productive and bear fruit at an early age.
Available in: Regular, Big, XL & XXL

WOLF RIVER – Zone 4-8. An old time favorite which originated in Central Wisconsin. Very large apples, pale yellow to green with carmine red blush and stripes. Ripening in late September, it is primarily used as a cooking apple.
Available in: Regular

YELLOW TRANSPARENT– Zone 4-8. An old time favorite which originated in Central Wisconsin. Very large apples,
pale yellow to green with carmine red blush and stripes. Ripening in late September, it is primarily used as a cooking apple

Available in: Regular, XL & XXL

ZESTAR – Zone 3-7. A wonderful new apple from the Univ of Minnesota. At last, an early apple that is crisp and
juicy. Excellent sweet tart flavor for eating and cooking. Stores much longer than most late August apples. Hardy and productive.
Available in: Big, XL, XXL & XXXL

Inquire about special pricing for volume purchases and availability.

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