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strawberry plants

All Strawberries Priced the Same: 25 Each: $ 10.00, 50 Each: $ 18.00, 100 Each: $ 32.00

“NEW” CAVENDISH: Zone 3-8. This has become one of our favorite June bearing strawberry. A winter hardy variety that produces very large berries with excellent color, flavor and quality. Berries are red throughout and process very well. Makes excellent jam and for fresh eating.

EARLIGLOW: Zone 4-8. Put down the sugar, no need for it with this June bearing strawberry. This strawberry was ranked #1 for sweetness. Med to large fruit is excellent for road side sales and home use. One of the best flavored berries out today.

HONEOYE: Zone 3-8. This June bearer is considered by many as the best tasting strawberry ever produced.  Heavy yield of conical-shaped, firm, juicy berries of good size.  Excellent disease resistance and self-pollinating.

JEWEL: Zone 4-8. In today’s strawberry industry, Jewel appears to be the best all-around June bearing variety.  Good for u-pick, shipping and longer season yields.  Produces large, firm, wedge shaped fruit of excellent color and quality. A must for all serious growers.

OZARK BEAUTY: Zone 4-8. Perhaps the finest of ever bearing strawberries, Ozark Beauty produces large, uniform berries with honeysweet flavor. Berries have a rich red color throughout, are excellent for fresh eating, freezing and desserts of all types.