Asparagus plants for sale

 It is important to note that we only offer high quality Asparagus crowns that are 1 year old, #1 stock.
All Asparagus Pricing: 12 Plants for $ 15.00, 25 Plants for $ 25.00, 50 Plants for $ 45.00, 100 Plants for $ 80.00

MARY WASHINGTON ASPARAGUS:  An Old Time Favorite noted for its tenderness and excellent flavor, it is also a reliable, rust resistant variety.  Uniform, emerald, green spears are generally harvestable over an extra- long cutting period.

JERSEY KNIGHT ASPARAGUS:  An all-male strain, it is highly productive. Big, bright green spears with tight heads are tender and especially noted for their fine flavor. Also, rust resistant.

PURPLE PASSION ASPARAGUS:  Provides higher yields than most other varieties.  Purple Passion produces large burgundy spears that are sweeter and more delicious than green varieties. This variety is exceptional eaten raw or added to your toss salad.  Turns green when cooked.

 All asparagus stock will be Reserved and Shipped on a First Come – First Served basis.