Distribution Centers

Distribution centers are TEMPORARY LOCATIONS at which you may pick up your orders. They OPERATE in the SPRING ONLY FOR TWO OR POSSIBLY THREE WEEKS. We offer this service as a convenience to our customers. However, THERE IS NO GUARANTEE, due to weather, stock availability or whatever, THAT YOUR ENTIRE ORDER WILL BE THERE ON A SPECIFIC DATE.

Time for pick up and length of time the centers will operate for this service is set by the individual center. You must be available to pick up your order when notice is given. If for some reason you would not be able to pick up while stock is at the center, we would make arrangements to ship your order and bill you accordingly.

If we are only able to deliver part of your order to the distribution center, the balance will be shipped to you at our expense. The centers normally DO NOT have extra stock for sale. However, they may have water gel to assist in your last minute needs. Maps may be provided to assist you in finding them when stock is ready for pick up. Locations of centers are listed below.

All orders and order inquiries should be placed directly to the Neillsville, WI control center. There will be no shipping charges on orders that are picked up in Neillsville, however, PLEASE NOTE: A 10% service charge has been added for this service to defer transportation costs for stock picked up at all distribution centers, Except Neillsville. We trust this is acceptable to our customers.

Distribution Centers are once again in Wisconsin only at the following locations:

9161 Boltonville Rd
W3164 State Rd 50
7428 State Rd 82