Blueberry Plants

Blueberry Plants for sale

blueberry plants

All Blueberry plants are sized 12-18″ tall and are priced $ 15.00 each


For best results, Blueberries need a 4.5 to 5.0 PH for maximum production. We recommend Aluminum Sulfate or Soil Sulphur as a soil amendment when planting.

Blue Crop – Zone 3-7, Mid-season bearer, consistent producer, disease resistant and high quality. Very large berries, good flavor, best when fresh, freezes well. Grows 4-6′.

Blue Ray – Zone 3-7, Mid-season producer, high quality powder blue berries excellent for dessert. Burgundy foliage in fall. Upright growing habit to 5′ high.

Chippewa – Zone 3-7. Another shrub type blueberry growing only 3-4 feet high and wide. Works well with North Blue as a pollinator. Produces 3 to 7 pounds of very sweet medium to large berries per year with little acid. Excellent quality! Plant as an ornamental, landscape shrub or of course for eating!

Elliot – Zone 4-7. A highbush type of cultivar growing 5-7’ tall. Fruit is medium size and of fine quality with a mild flavor when fully ripe. Yield is high at 10-20 pounds per bush. Fruit ripens in early Sept. Ideal for fresh market or pick your own.

Nelson – Zone 3-7. A highly productive variety, claims of 13-18 lbs. of fruit picked per plant have been made. Produces a large, dark blue berry of very good quality. Plants grow to 5-6 ft. tall and berries ripen late July in central Wisconsin.

North Blue – Zone 3-8. Due to its mature height of only 3-4′ at maturity, Northblue is often used as unique shrub in the landscape. Plants produce 3-7 lbs. of fruit per plant. Berries are of very good quality and blueberry flavor. Glossy, dark green leaves turn deep, bright red in fall. A great plant for food and attraction.

Patriot – Zone 3-7, Ripens early with tight clusters of very large berries. Excellent flavor for fresh eating or deserts. High producer with green foliage in summer, fiery orange in fall. Grows 4-6′ tall.

“NEW” Pink Lemonade- Zone 4-7 Firm, pink, juicy and sweet! It has been said 1 of the sweetest blueberries you’ve ever tasted with a slight hint of kiwi flavor. Fruiting continuously thru October. Grows 4-5′ tall.

“NEW” Sunrise- Zone 4-7 Excellent flavor, fruits are considered large, averaging 10 to 12 # per plant. Ripens early to mid-season. Grows 5- 5 1/2′ tall.