Blueberry Plants

Blueberry Plants for sale

blueberry plants

All Blueberry plants are sized 12-18″ tall and are priced $ 12.00 each


For best results, Blueberries need a 4.5 to 5.0 PH for maximum production. We recommend Aluminum Sulfate or Soil Sulphur as a soil amendment when planting.

Blue Crop – Zone 3-7, Mid season bearer, consistent producer, disease resistant and high quality. Very large berries, good flavor, best when fresh, freezes well. Grows 4-6′.

Blue Ray  Zone 3-7, Mid season producer, high quality powder blue berries excellent for dessert. Burgundy foliage in fall. Upright growing habit to 5′ high.

Chippewa – Zone 3-7. Another shrub type blueberry growing only 3-4 feet high and wide. Works well with North Blue as a pollinator. Produces 3 to 7 pounds of very sweet medium to large berries per year with little acid. Excellent quality! Plant as an ornamental , landscape shrub or of course for eating!

Elliot – Zone 4-7. A highbush type cultivar growing 5-7’ tall. Fruit is medium size and of fine quality with a mild flavor when fully ripe. Yield is high at 10-20 pounds per bush. Fruit ripens in early Sept. Ideal for fresh market or pick your own.

Nelson – Zone 3-7. A highly productive variety, claims of 13-18 lbs. of fruit picked per plant have been made. Produces a large, dark blue berry of very good quality. Plants grow to 5-6 ft. tall and berries ripen late July in central Wisconsin.

North Blue – Zone 3-8. Due to its mature height of only 3-4′ at maturity, Northblue is often used as unique shrub in the landscape. Plants produce 3-7 lbs. of fruit per plant. Berries are of very good quality and blueberry flavor. Glossy, dark green leaves turn deep, bright red in fall. A great plant for food and attraction.

Patriot – Zone 3-7, Ripens early with tight clusters of very large berries. Excellent flavor for fresh eating or deserts. High producer with green foliage in summer, fiery orange in fall. Grows 4-6′ tall.

Spartan –  Zone 3-7, A vigorous and upright growing habit. Well adapted for machine harvesting. Fruit is firm, light blue, large and very good flavor. It is an early variety, ripening about mid July. It has the largest berries of all varieties.

St. Cloud – Zone 4-7. A medium bush blueberry growing to about 4’ high and wide. Mature plants produce an average of 7 lbs. Of fruit. Berries are medium to large, firm and of superior flavor. Plants are of ideal size for consideration in your landscape.