Strawberry Patch Bonanza

Strawberry Patch Bonanza

The strawberry is the most popular fruit consumed by the United States population.  In many areas you will find roadside signs advertising you pick strawberries.  Children of all ages as well as adults love this pastime of picking fresh fruit from the strawberry patch, and often wonder how nice it would be to have a strawberry patch of their own to pick from every year.  From fresh eating to making jellies and jams, having your own strawberry patch will certainly be a hit with your family.

strawberry patch
Commercial Strawberry Patch

For our strawberry patch bonanza we have included the following:  Albion and Ozark Beauty, both which are ever-bearing varieties, along with Honeoye and Jewel, both of which are high yield June strawberry plants and are a popular commercial variety.  Prices for the bonanza are as follows:

Collection #1 – One hundred plants, twenty five of each variety for $32.00

Collection #1 – Two hundred plants, fifty of each variety for $60.00

Collection #1 – Four hundred plants, one hundred of each variety for $115.00