Blueberry Patch Collection

Blueberry Patch Collection

Blueberries are a delight for many applications.  One can make mouth watering pies and muffins with them, kids love them cooked into their pancakes, and blueberry jam spreads wonderfully on a sandwich.  Of course blueberries are excellent for fresh eating and have numerous health benefits and rank second in popularity of all fruit consumed in the United States.

blueberry patch
Blueberry patch

For maximum production two blue berries are required for proper pollination.  Our blueberry patch collection includes Blue Ray, Blue Crop, Jersey, Patriot and Spartan.  Plants being offered in this collection typically produce fruit in the first year of planting and are being offered at the special Spring pricing below:

Collection #1 – five plants, one of each variety for $55.00

Collection #2 – ten plants, two of each variety for $100.00

Collection #3 – twenty plants, four of each variety for $180.00