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nut trees

 The promotion of nut trees through the “Lets Go Nuts” campaign has been very well received by many of our customers. A healthy choice at that, as recent studies suggest that persons with a regular intake of nuts may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by as much as 50%. In particular the chestnut and hazelnut families are the lowest in fat and highest in protein.

AMERICAN BUTTERNUT: (Juglans cineria) Zones 3-8: Also known as White Walnut, growth habits are similar to the more popular Black Walnut. Usually grows to more than 60′ tall. Produces nut of excellent quality with sweet, rich buttery taste, ideal for baking in cookies and candy. Lumber is valued for cabinet making and interior finishing.

Available: 18-24″ Price: 1-2=$5.75 Ea, 3-5=$5.25 Ea, 6-10=$5.00 Ea, 11 or More $4.75 Ea.

AMERICAN CHESTNUT Hybrid: (Castanea x dentata) Zones 4-8: Plants free of Chestnut Blight which in past years devastated many native trees. Majestic trees will tower to height of 100′. Produce the smallest of chestnuts but are considered
the tastiest. Valued for lumber.

Available: 12-18” Price: 1-2=$7.75 Ea, 3-5=$7.25 Ea, 6-10=$7.00 Ea, 11 or More $6.75 Ea.

EUROPEAN FILBERT: (Corylus avellana) Zone 4-8. Grown commercially, there has been talk around town that this edible nut is better tasting than the American Filbert. Attractive shade tree growing to 30’ tall.

Available: 24-36” Price: 1-2=$10.00 Ea. 3-5=$9.50 Ea. 6-10=$9.25 Ea. 11 or More Limited.

TURKISH FILBERT: (Corylus colurna) Zone 4-8. Produces a pyramidal ornamental tree with excellent foliage. Flowers in early spring and produces quality edible nuts. Does extremely well in dry conditions. Trees can grow to 75’ tall.

Available: 18-24” Price: 1-2=$9.50 Ea. 3-5=$9.00 Ea. 6-10=$8.75 Ea. 11 or More Limited.

AMERICAN HAZELNUT: (Corylus americana) Zones 4-9: Develops as a large shrub growing 12-15′ tall. A favorite with nut lovers, it is easy to crack and very flavorful. Can be controlled to produce a small tree. Fast growing and often used for hedging. Will begin to bear nuts up to 5/8″ in diameter in 3 to 5 years.

Available: 24-36” Price: 1-2=$5.75 Ea, -5=$5.50 Ea, 6-10=$5.25 Ea, 11 or More=$4.75 Ea.

BEAKED HAZELNUT: (Corylus cornuta) Zones 4-8: Considered an important shelter and food crop for wildlife, plants produce a half inch edible nut with a delicate flavor. An upright, branchy thick shrub, it will grow to 20 feet in well drained soils. Many state it’s better tasting and much larger than American Filbert.

Available: 12-18” Price: 1-2=$5.00 Ea, 3-5=$4.75 Ea, 6-10=$4.50 Ea, 11 or More=$4.25 Each.

HEARTNUT (aka JAPANESE WALNUT):  (Juglan ailantifolia) Zones 4-8: This is a very ornamental tree giving a tropical appearance when long nut clusters form. Trees can reach 50 feet with a broad spreading crown. They are also self fertile and usually start bearing nuts within 3 to 4 years. Nut quality is truly unique and of excellent flavor.

Available: 12-18” Price: 1-2=$8.00 Ea, 3-5=$ 7.50 Ea, 6-10=$7.25 Ea, 11 or More=$7.00 Ea.

SHAGBARK HICKORY: (Carya ovata) Zones 4-9. Hickory is one of the most flavorful of all nuts and prized by both humans and wild life. Trees produce highly valued lumber for furnature and cabinetry. With unique pealing bark, trees are columnar growing to 100′.  

Available: 12-18″ Price: 1-2=$5.50 Ea, 3-5=$5.00 Ea, 6-10=$4.75 Ea, 11 or More=$4.50 Ea.

NORTHERN PECAN: (Carya illinoensis) Zones 4-9: Some sources rate hardiness to zone 3. Produces nuts smaller than southern varieties with same excellent flavor. Grows 70 to 90′ tall. Two needed for proper pollination.  

Available: 18-24″ Price: 1-2=$5.00 Ea, 3-5=$4.50 Ea, 6-10=$4.25 Ea, 11 or More=$4.00 Ea.

BLACK WALNUT: (Juglans nigra) Zones 3-8: Grows to height of 80-100′, tall and stately. Most valuable lumber tree in U.S. and produces one of the most desired nuts for eating or baking in cookies, cakes and candies.

Available: 24-36″ Price: 1-5=$4.75 Ea, 6-11=$4.50 Ea, 11 or More $4.00 Ea.

ENGLISH WALNUT: (Juglans carpathia) Zones 5-8: Also known as Carpathian Walnut and is one of the most sought after nuts during the holiday seasons. Produces thin shelled nut, easy to crack. Excellent for eating or baking. Reaches height of 30-45′ and often begins producing nuts within 6 years.

Available: 6-12″ Price: 1-2=$7.50 Ea, 3-5=$7.00 Ea, 6-10=$6.75 Ea., 11 or More $6.50 Ea.