Large B&B Stock

Large B&B Stock

We have a fairly good supply of Top Quality Shade & Ornamental Tree available from our field.
All must be B&B, ordered ahead of time and we will call you when ready for picked up at our nursery in Neillsville.
The 10% Early Bird Discount Does Apply to these trees as well.

Heritage river birch: (Betula nigra ‘Cully’) Zone 4-7. A hybrid River Birch that is a vigorous grower with exfoliating bark that is lighter than other River Birch. Does well in wet or dry areas and is highly resistant to birch borer. This is a very attractive ornamental in the landscape.

All 8-10′ Tall – Single Stem @ $ 49.00 Ea. Two Stem @ $ 59.00 Ea. Three Stem @ $ 69.00 Ea

Whitespire birch: (Betula populifolia ‘Whitespire’) Zone 4-7. Beautiful white bark and lustrous dark green foliage makes Whitespire the most popular birch on the market. Growing 30-40 ft. tall, it is tolerant of heat and thrives in a wide range of soils. Highly resistant to birch borer.

All 6-8′ Tall — One Stem @ $ 39.00 Ea., Two Stem @ $ 49.00 Ea., Three Stem @ $ 59.00 Ea.
All 8-10′ Tall — One Stem @ $ 46.00 Ea., Two Stem @ $ 56.00 Ea., Three Stem @ $ 66.00 Ea.
All 10-12′ Tall — One Stem @ $ 54.00 Ea., Two Stem @ $ 64.00 Ea., Three Stem @ $ 74.00 Ea.

AUTUMN FLAME MAPLE (Acer rubrum ‘Autumn Flame’) Zones 3-7. Autumn Flame is a selected red maple and rapid growing to 35’ high and wide. It is one of the first to show fall color that is a distinctive luminescent pink to red display. This Northern hardy red maple grows to heights and width 40-50 ft. With a dense rounded form, its small leaves are a unique feature of this cultivar. It branches reliably as a young tree dependable for its early and exceptional red fall color. Truly a great shade and ornamental maple.

Available in: 3/4″ Caliper @ $ 65.00 Ea. Advance Order Price: $ 50.00 Ea.
Available in: 1 1/4″ Caliper @ $ 95.00 Ea. Advance Order Price: $ 80.00 Ea.
Available in: 1 1/2″ Caliper @ $ 110.00 Ea. Advance Order Price: $ 90.00 Ea.

CELEBRATION MAPLE (Acer x freemanii ‘Celzam’) Zones 4-7. This hybrid combines the advantages of both Red and Silver Maple: Rapid groing, drought tolerant, great fall color ajnd the ability to thrive in most soils. A vigorous tree with excellent form and crotch angles, it does extremely well in full sun or shade. And, it does not produce seeds.

Available in: 1 1/2″ Caliper @ $ 100.00 Ea. Advance Order Price: $ $ 80.00 Ea.
Available in: 2″ Caliper @ $ 125.00 Ea. Advance Order Price: $ $ 100.00 Ea.

EMERALD QUEEN Zones 4-7. With dark green leathery foliage, this Norway Maple is one of the best for urban conditions, Grows 50-60′ tall with spread of 40-50′. Straight trunk, good good branching, nice oval shape, very rapid grower and excellent bright gold fall color.

Available in 1 ½” Caliper @ $ 95.00 Ea. Advance Order Price: $ 80.00 Ea.

SIENNA MAPLE Zone 3-7. A very fast growing hybrid to 60 ft. , it is hardy with uniform branching to a width of 45 ft. It is superior to Autumn Blaze Maple in withstanding strong wind and is an excellent addition to your realm.

Available in: 2″ Caliper @ $ 125.00 Ea. Advance Order Price: $ 100.00 Ea.

BALSAM FIR: Premium Quality B & B Trees. Sheared and Shaped.

6-7 ft. $ 60.00 Ea., 7-8 ft. $ 80.00 Ea., 8-10 ft. $ 100.00 Ea.

Colorado blue spruce: Exceptional Quality with BLUE Color Guaranteed. Must harvest about 700 trees before they are too big for us to dig. Being offered at LIQUIDATION PRICING as follows:

5-6 ft. $ 48.00 Ea., 6-7 ft. $ 60.00 Ea., 7-8 ft. $ 75.00 Ea., 8-10 ft. $ 85.00 Ea.

APPLE TREES: These all average 1 to 1-1/2″ caliper, 8-12′ tall and must be dug as B & B trees. Varieties include: Centennial Crab, Haralred, Honeygold, Hopa Crab, McIntosh, Norland, Pristine, Red Barron, Red Duchess, State Fair, Whitney Crab and Yellow Transparent. Many are already bearing fruit! Most are semi-dwarf trees, though we do have several standards. Supply is  limited on certain varieties, so order early.

Regular Price: $ 85.00 Special Price of: $ 65.00 Each.

A great selection of not perfect apple trees available from our fields. All are generally well branched, healthy and some are already producing fruit. These trees are being offered as bare root trees at considerably less than regular price. Varieties include Honeycrisp, Honeygold, LaCrescent, Liberty, Lodi, Macoun, Mcintosh, Pristine, Snowsweet, Statefair, Sweet 16, Wealthy and Zestar. All are semi-dwarf trees.

4-5’ Reg. Price $ 27.00 @ $ 16.00, 5-6’ Reg. Price $ 32.00 @ $ 20.00, 6-7’ Trees Reg. Price $ 38.00 @ $ 25.00

Other B&B Shade & Ornamentals Specials

We are offering a GREAT BARGAIN on a GREAT SELECTION of trees to beautify your yards. All are a minimum of 1-1/4″ caliper and will range in height from 8 – 12 feet tall. All are 1st Quality and carry our 1 year warranty for natural survival.

Varieties available include:
Patmore Ash, Canadian Red Cherry, Prospector & Valley Forge Hybrid
Elms, Crimson Hawthorn, Pyramidal Hornbeam, Greenspire Little Leaf Linden, Redmond
Lindon, Emerald Queen and Deborah Maple.

Regular price of all average a minimum of $ 85.00 each but are being offered at the ” SPECIAL PRICE ” of $ 65.00 Each — ( That’s only $ 58.50 Each with the Early Bird Discount.)


If you desire any of the above trees, YOU MUST ORDER ahead of time! We will select quality trees and call you
when your trees are ready for pick up in Neillsville. ” Take Advantage of this Great Opportunity “.