Apple Tree Deer Plot

Apple Tree Deer Plot collections for sale

 “ Deer plot apple tree collection “

With apples ripening and dropping from early August into December, the right mix of trees will keep the deer coming.  Whether for hunting, the pleasure of watching deer and other critters or simply for eating, these will be great collections.   Consisting of 6 of our  3-5’ trees.  Collections will be assembled for you and will be supplied based on availability and the Zone in which you intend to plant.  Most trees will be Semi-Dwarf though some early producing standard trees may be included. All trees in our collection will produce at an early age, be annual bearers, and will typically grow to 12-18’ tall.

Collections are Specially Priced as Follows

1 or 2 Collections @ $ 153.00 Each               That’s only $ 25.50 Per Tree

3 to 5 Collections @ $ 147.00 Each               That’s only $ 24.50 Per Tree

6 or More             @ $ 141.00 Each               That’s only $ 23.50 Per Tree


We offer “DEER PLOT” collections in BIG, X-LARGE & XXL Trees as well.  However, these are generally not shippable.  For a complete packet of our DEER PLOT COLLECTION literature, please call us at: